Vegan Dinner night!

You are hereby invited to have dinner at our people’s cafe De Plutozaal. The kitchen is open between 18:00 and 21:00, but you can stay around for longer and share some drinks. The price is €3 for as much food as you like. The food is vegan. Bring your friends, affinity group, and also people without any experience with XR. LOCATION We are in Groningen, on the Plutolaan 329 near Zernika campus. The location is wheelchair-accessible. RESERVATIONS We reach people through various platforms and we need some indication of attendance. At this time we’re experimenting how big our capacity is. To ensure you have a plate, reserve a spot via You can come by without sending a text, but then we cannot guarantee 100% that we will have enough food left (although we'll try as hard as we can to get you a plate). ABOUT DE PLUTOZAAL AND XR So how does this weekly dinner connect to XR? We believe that if we wish to be a long-lasting movement, we must build a community beyond online platforms and irregular action. After our actions in Amsterdam most of the interactions we have had with each other and with XR has been online. With the absence of the wonderful people of XR our internal momentum may be flagging, hope withers, and climate despair more easily returns. We hope that a regular meetup can strengthen our bonds, and give rise to the great action ideas that come to us around a dinner table.

XR Valentine's event: Love the Earth!

-Friday February 14, 19: 00-22: 00 @ Location TBA

Away with Valentine's Day, love the earth!

Instead of buying stupid plastic products that you don't need, come to XR Groningen for a pleasant evening.
What would Valentine's Day be without a massage? Oh wait, we are all strong independent people ... We can damn ourselves! Learn a 15-minute self-massage routine that you can apply every day to relax!

Have you ever heard of Discobedience? This is a dance routine that has been used by XR groups around the world. During this evening we will learn that routine. Take your disco clothes with you!

After all the dancing and massaging we will definitely need That's why we will prepare a meal together.
We can not wait to bring you this capitalist day of fun activities

Spring 2020:
international rebellion!